Why Start Grace Community Church?

  1. Grace Community is a church that is recognizing the need for relevance. In a world where change is continuous we are attempting to meet people where they are at. At the same time we maintain a strong Biblical base. The unchanging message of the gospel is foundational for meeting the needs of our world. God’s Word Meeting Real Need In Real People In a Changing World.
  2. Remaining Contemporary demands that we monitor the pulse of the culture. Because Grace is a new church plant it is able to establish from the outset recognition of the need for variation and change in the style of our worship service without the fences that tradition often demands. 
  3. We use contemporary tools in creating an atmosphere conducent to worship. We are attempting to remain both contemporary and relevant in our way of presenting the gospel.
  4. Our goals are intentionally to reach people for Christ and to help the poor and the hurting. These goals may not be different from other churches but being a new church affords us a freedom from the stigma that is often placed on the established church.